Protecting our environment

Labor is protecting more of what’s precious, repairing more of what’s damaged, and managing nature better for our kids and grandkids.

We’re investing over $500 million to better protect threatened plants and animals and getting rid of invasive species.

We’ve already protected around an extra 40 million hectares of Australian ocean and bush (an area bigger than Germany!). This includes tripling the size of the Macquarie Island Marine Park - better protecting threatened species like penguins, albatross and seals that call it home.

We’re also boosting our recycling capacity.

After nine wasted years under the previous federal Liberal-National government, our recycling capacity was nowhere near where it needed to be. The Liberals and Nationals set targets for recycling and then fell woefully short of meeting them, leaving plastic packaging littering our oceans and choking our animals.

We’re increasing Australia’s recycling capacity by more than one million tonnes of extra waste each year. That’s the weight of almost 25 Sydney Harbour Bridges! 

Boosting recycling in Australia is not just good for our environment, it’s great for local jobs. Our investment in the recycling industry is creating over 3,000 jobs. We know that for every one job in landfill, there are three in recycling. 

And, we’re also setting up Australia’s first national Environment Protection Agency.

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