From 1 July, the Albanese Labor Government will deliver a tax cut for every Australian taxpayer - whatever you earn we'll make sure you pay less, because we know family budgets are under pressure right now.

Under Labor, all 13.6 million taxpayers across the country will receive a tax cut, and 85% of taxpayers will receive a bigger tax cut than they would've done under the Liberals.

Our plan delivers more tax relief to more Australians, especially for people who are on low and middle incomes.

This is the right decision - putting people before politics.

That’s why we’re working to cut taxes, boost wages, bring inflation under control, and push for fairer prices at the checkout. It's all part of our cost of living plan that takes pressure of family budgets.

All we see from Peter Dutton and the Liberals is divisive politics - they always oppose and object - but never have any solutions.

If Peter Dutton and the Liberals really cared about the cost of living, they'd have a real plan rather than criticise and divide Australians.

Add your name and send Dutton a message - stop putting politics ahead of people.