Getting wages moving again

After a decade of Liberal and National Government’s deliberately holding back wages, Labor is getting wages moving again.

Under the Albanese Labor Government, there are more people in jobs, they’re earning more and with our tax plan, they’ll keep more of what they earn.

We’ve backed rises in the minimum wage and pay increases for our essential workers.

Our Secure Jobs Better Pay legislation banned pay secrecy clauses and made it easier for people on enterprise bargaining agreements to negotiate better pay.

More recently, we’ve made wage theft a crime, legislated minimum standards for workers in the gig economy, closed labour hire loopholes and provided workers with the right to disconnect.

The Gender pay gap is now at its lowest level on record, and wages are growing at the fastest pace in almost 15 years.

None of this would be possible if the Liberals had their way.

They’ve voted against every measure to get wages moving and have now confirmed they plan to turnback the clock and undo the progress made by taking “a targeted package of repeals to the next election”.

Peter Dutton wants you to work longer for less.

Labor wants Australians to earn more and keep more of what they earn.

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